Leather is a natural product.

To transfer the cowhide into leather there are basically 2 methods: Vegetable tanning or chrome tanning

For # Own Stuff we use split leather, this is the down part of the cow hide that we split in 2. The part of the cow we use is the backpart.

The # Own Stuff leather is made of chrome tanning based leather. The finishing tanning process is vegetable to give the leather a good body. Finally we spray the color on top of the leather and we add a protection coating. All these processes are done within the European environments regulations.

We use an Europeans origin leather of 2,0 to 2,2 mm thickness.

For the leisure and soft series we use a semi-vegetable tanned leather. The leather is prepared with chrome tanning and the finished on a natural way. This makes the leather more supple and soft touch. Also these cowhides have an European origin.