LSP nv Belgium, producer of leather goods since 1969.

In 1969 Mr. Antoon Claerhoutstarted LSP nv as a grossier to papershops in Belgium. The name LSP covers this, it stands for: Leder, Similie & Papier in dutch, this means Leather, Sinthetic leather and paper. Shortly after, he added a small production of pen bags and accessoiries. End of the seventies, LSP became a production company of leather goods , distributing to warehouses and leather shops in Belgium.

Collections became bigger and also school bags and wallets were added. The main clients continued to be warehouses and leather shops.

Mr. Stefaan Claerhout came on board in 1990 and introduced higher quality articcles. The production moved on to Tunisia to be able to compete on the international market and maintain the quality standards.
The company Intersac sarl in Tunisia is a 100% owned company and guarantees the quality level and international competition.

In 2006 LSP took over the production and distribution of Ruitertassen. This luxury leather goods brand is well known for his vegetable tanned classic collection. Since 2010 LSP started Longride motorcyclebags. The production of these motorcyclebags was yet more than 20 years in LSP but till 2010 distribution was done by a third company. Both brands are now distributed worldwide form out of our warehouse in Wakken, Belgium.

In the autum of 2012 we started our new brand # OWN STUFF. It’s our goal to make beautiful fashionable colored satchels and schoolbags for youth and young adults. We want to offer a affordable fashion bag made of split cowhides. The collections will be adapted per season to the demands of the fashion world.

At present, LSP nv is managed by Mr. Stefaan Claerhout and his wife Marijke Asteur, forced by the head of the sales team Mr. Frank Tegenbos. Yet more than 60% of the sales are done internationally. Markets as the USA and Japan are now delivered from out of LSP. The following brands are owned by LSP nv:
  • WIBI
LSP nv guaranties a continues update of his collections to the needs of the modern fashionable people.